Črna na Koroškem (TIC)

Adventurous visitors are going to start their Zipline experience on Naverški vrh, where they will descend to the finish which is on the other side of Črna na Koroškem – near the Kogelnik farm. Their breath will be taken away by »Olimpline« - the longest Zipline in Slovenia and one of the longest in Europe and in the world.
Throughout the descend, visitors will enjoy and take in the natural beauty of our little village Črna na Koroškem and its surroundings. An experience that will remain in your memory forever as you will be »flying« strapped to a 1,263.5 m long zipline, at a height of up to 219 m above the ground, and your breath will be taken away by the view of the surrounding peaks, in addition to the thrilling speed of 120 km/h.
Olimpline is part of the joint cross-border project "Peca Natural Geological Playground (Naturgame)", designed under the Karavanke Geopark strategy, and it ultimately completes the project of the adventure space around the mighty Peca mountain.
In the kingdom of King Matjaž, the village of the Olympians - Črna na Koroškem, we finalized the idea of the longest zipline in Slovenia and one of the longest in Europe and the world. The Zipline experience will offer all visitors an endless adrenaline rush and a great view of the breath-taking nature.
Olimpline is a great opportunity for groups of colleagues, teammates, or other participating individuals to strengthen their group networking, get to know each other and build trust in an active and adrenaline-pumping way. Team building at the Olimpline is an unforgettable and fun adventure for the whole team.
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Groups or large numbers of individuals are also welcomed to enjoy the unique »Olimpline« experience, which will be taken care of by our professional and fun team of instructors. »Olimpline« is a great place to visit on an activity packed daytrip for groups who love to spend their free time seeking new adventures and thrill, since we'll make their trip even better with a good price - group discount.
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You and your family can spend an active day on the 1,263.5 m long zipline, which is also suitable for children (min. weight 40kg). For younger children and other visitors who decide not to go on the »Olimpline« there are still a variety of fun and exciting activities that they can enjoy on various sports fields and playgrounds in Črna – we have outdoor fitness equipment, different cycling paths and a newly build children's adventure – climbing park.
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You can buy a gift coupon/voucher for your loved ones, friends, colleagues, or anyone else who would love to experience the longest Zipline in Slovenia. It's the perfect adrenaline gift for everyone.
Working hours of Olimpline are from Thursday to Sunday. Advance booking is required on the following telephone number: 041 743 442 or 02 87 04 820.
Descent routes are opened according to the capacity of each date (16 persons per date).
The meeting point for all those who will descend the Olimpline is at TIC Črna, Center 23, 2393 Črna na Koroškem.
You will be met at the TIC by instructors who will give you the appropriate equipment for your weight and height (helmet, harness with safety harness, pulley/carriage) and give you all the necessary instructions for a safe descent.
We will take you from the meeting point to the starting point in a van. The ride takes about 20 minutes.
The price is 40€ per person. The physical limits for the descent relate to the weight of the person: the lower limit is 40kg and the upper limit is 130 kg.
The price is 40€ per person. The physical limits for the descent relate to the weight of the person: the lower limit is 40kg and the upper limit is 130 kg.
We recommend suitable footwear such as walking shoes or trainers. After the descent, we take a walk (about 10-15 minutes) along the footpath back to the centre of Črna.
The activity will take 2 hours.
You don't need any additional knowledge to use Olimpline. Participants are expected to be in good physical health.